Strategic Institutional Partner – UFE Polska

The strategic institutional partner for the organisation and promotion of Open de Golf Trophee France – Pologne is UFE – Union des Français de l’Étranger.

UFE Pologne is an association under the UFE-Union des Français de l’Étranger from UFE Monde in Paris. The main goals of the organisation for its members are: adapting in a new country in a new country, mutual help, a friendly atmosphere and support. UFE Pologne is active for over 8,000 French people permanently residing in Poland. The global UFE network is present in over 100 countries and has 20,000 members. UFE is the only organisation of this type in Poland, and it is developing very rapidly.


PGA Polska (Professional Golf Association)

PGA Polska (Polish Golf Association) is an organisation for professional golf instructors and tournament players. The organisation’s mission is to popularize golf, implement the highest standards in education, raise the level of competition and represent the ethical values that come from the tradition and history of golf

The main goal of PGA Polska is the education of the organisation’s members, the preparation of training, and the organisation of national and international tournaments for people in the organisation. PGA Polska’s mission, along with the Polish Golf Union, is to promote golf in society. 

Market Access

The executive producer of the OPEN DE GOLF tournament is Market Access. For many years, the company has been operating in Poland, actively creating and implementing marketing and commercial projects for partners from Poland and abroad.


Polish Olympic Committee

Polish Golf Union

First Warsaw Golf & Country Club